US Gymnast Shawn Johnson Weight Gain and Fat Photo


Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson is seen at the Visa Chamnpionhip in Dallas17-year-old American Gymnast Shawn Johnson seems to look so much different than the time she was in the Beijing Olympics. She unfortunately managed to pack in a few extra pounds in a short period of time that you could possibly not recognize her from the slim one she once was.

Shawn Johnson stands 4 feet and 9 inches, or 145 centimeters tall, so maybe her height or lack of it makes her look fat.

She was also in Dancing with the Stars and actually won the reality competition, but that didn't help her maintain her lovely figure.

Shawn Johnson won the 2008 Teen Choice Award for best female athlete - this was the first time a gymnast was nominated for this award. She also came in fifth in the list of 2008 Female Athlete of the year by Associated Press.



Anonymous said...

First, the level at which she was training just prior to the Olympics made her artificially thin. These athletes train so vigorously and there's no way possible for them to maintain that level of training. Also, female athletes at this age, when they stop training, usually go through a very quick burst of puberty that causes them to grow and pick up some weight. She is probably now more like a "normal" 16 year old. Remember, some of her bulk is also due to the extreme amount of muscle she has.

Most importantly, please understand that blogs/comments like yours help to fuel anorexia and bulemia. You make young girls think that how Shawn looked while training for the Olympics is normal and the weight gain afterwards is bad or abnormal. In fact, it's the opposite that is true!! Shawn was likely doing some permanent damage to her body in her training prior to the Olympics. Her body wasn't able to do any of the normal things it should (grow, get a period, etc) so she was at high risk for developing osteoporosis and causing fertility problems later in life. Please help stop this distorted view that so many young girls are developing!! Shawn is a healthy young woman now and she should be recognized as such.

Anonymous said...

But does look fat! That shouldn't make a little girl anorexic. That should make them not want to do gymnastics cause it makes your body deformed.

Anonymous said...

A lot of gymnast do damage to their growth templates due to much weight training. Thats probably the real issue, and not the fact that she put on weight.

Unknown said...

Yeah, who knows, maybe she trained so hard, that she shortened her growth templates. Thats probably the real issue, and not the fact she put on normal weight.

John Lang said...

she looks hot to me. She looks more healthy now. She is a very cute girl. Seeing someones ribcage is not a possitive thing, it looks sickly...and more than likely is. If you want to see a runway skank here ya go:

To me this, this looks like a meth user.

Listen up kids and teens if your reading this, the above photo is what not to look like if your wanting to impress another guy.

So lets all go eat a cheeseburger.


Anonymous said...

shawn is not fat!! in order to perform the difficult skills she does, it takes an extreme amount of muscle. and like anonymous said above, when girls at this level take a break from training, there body finally catches up to them, making them gain a few pounds like most girls do when the hit puberty. so shut up about her being fat!

Anonymous said...

this post is so stupid. she looks fine as hell now in 2010-11 than she did in beijing. I like her weight as it is and I'm not just saying this just to be nice. you all are just trying to create controversy

Anonymous said...

She is not fatt she is a beautiful girl and she does things that anyone says that she is fat can't even begin to think of dreaming about so shut the hell up