Play iCarly Games Online


The Nickelodeon TV series iCarly aren't just only for your viewing no longer, you can now Play iCarly Games Online with your web browser. These games are actually flash-based, and most of them can really get you hooked. You can play them over at Nickelodeon's website.

There are currently 15 iCarly games for you too play: iLook-A-Like, Skit Scavenger, iBreak Thru, Pak Rat, Stack 'n' Stash, Cafeteria Recylo-rama, iKissed Him First, iGo Nuclear, iSushi Madness, Stuff Shuffle, Get Zeebo, iDream in Toons, Webisode Wardrobe, Puppet Showdown and iKick Butt. They are categorized as action, funny, card, puzzle, sports, strategy, etc.

Too bad we still can't watch iCarly Full Episodes Online legally, lets just hope Nick makes them available soon.