Samsung W880 Amoled 12-Megapixel Technical Specs

Samsung W880 AMOLED 12MPSamsung has done it again - making another world's first, this time it's the world's first 12-megapixel camera phone. The Samsung W880 Amoled 12-Megapixel phone gives the term "camera phone" a whole new meaning. It could very well be a decent replacement for the current digicam that you're carrying, since this 12MP cam phone sports a Xenon flash (along with an LED flash).

Samsung W880 Tech Specs:
Display: AMOLED Capacitative touch screen
Colors: 16 million
Screen Size: 3.3"
Screen Resolution: 480 x 800
Internal Memory: 4 GB
External Memory: microSD / TransFlash up to 32 GB
Camera: 12 Megapixels; 3x optical zoom
Flash: Xenon & LED
Video Recording: 720P; 30 frames per second
Physical Dimensions: 115.8 x 56.9 x 16.3 mm
Battery: Lithium Ion 1100 mAh
- Accelerometer
- Touchwiz v2.0 UI
- Proximity Sensor

Banfield Wormshield Recall

It has been announced that Banfield has issued a recall for the Worm Sheild product. Don't worry though because the reason for the Wormshield Recall isn't as serious as one might imagine. Wormshield is being recalled by the manufacturer because it's effect or potency may not last as long as the indicated expiration date. As far as I know, expired medicine has no real bad or side effects to those who consume them, it just won't work to cure ailments or whatsoever.

Banfield will give you your money back or give you a new product instead when you bring back your WormShield product. For more information, you may just look up Banfield's contact info and ask about their product recall.

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT |

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT is a movie tribute to Michael Jackson's inarguably amazing life and about the things he had gone through. The movie will also showcase rare and unreleased behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Jackson's last rehearsals for his scheduled "final curtain call" - a series of 50 concerts that he was supposed to perform.

Tickets for THIS IS IT is already available for sale at The movie will hit theaters on October 28, 2009 and will be screened only for two weeks.

Party In The USA Official Video

The Official Music Video of Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA has just been released, and you can watch it below. It has been reported that "Party in the USA" is in ties or is promoting Miley Cyrus' clothing line in Wal-Mart with Max Azria. This song has first been performed during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards a few weeks ago and again in an episode of Dancing with the Stars more recently.

Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA Official Video:

Halo 3: ODST Audio Log Location Video Guide

Halo 3: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) is a first person shooter action game that was released just a few days ago exclusively for Microsoft Xbox 360. Most gamers are probably a bit lost in locating the Audio Logs in the game. Check out the video walkthrough or guide to help you out if you're having trouble finding those Audiologs.

Halo 3 ODST Audio Log Locations: is a website that is totally dedicated to the King of Pop. On their site, you can check out Michael Jackson's best photos on and off the stage. There are also ticket information for the refunds and also the upcoming screening of Michael Jackson: This Is It. You can also buy Michael Jackson merchandise from the site.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Check out this great social networking website called Tagged which actually started way back in 2003. Like any other social networking websites, you can upload your own photos, videos and music and you will have your very own profile or page for the rest of the internet world to see.

You can also chat with your friends online with Tagged. There are now over 80 million "Tagged" members, according to the site, so you might as well join in.

Who Is Thamail Morgan?

According to LA Times' blog, Thamail Morgan is one of those unpopular athletes that deserves to be known for his good deeds.

Thamail Morgan was a big thing back in his college years but for some reason became a "villain", but eventually redeemed himself by doing "classy" things. He now is playing for Cave City. He was in a game against a team who had lost quite a handful of players to an accident, and did something special during that particular game, check out the story here.

G20 Country List

In case you're wondering which countries are members of the G-20, or the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, see below for the list.

According to Wiki:

The G-20 is a forum for cooperation and consultation on matters pertaining to the international financial system. It studies, reviews, and promotes discussion among key industrial and emerging market countries of policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability, and seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization.

G-20 Member Countries and Organizations:
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
European Union

19.2 Pound Baby

This baby is the world's third-largest baby to be born into this world - 19.2 pounds and 24.4 inches on his first day of life! The heavyweight baby boy was named Muhammad Akbar Risuddin. He was given birth by mother Ani, 41 years of age, from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The baby is said to be healthy despite initial breathing problems.

The world's largest baby, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was a 23-pound baby born in Canada back in 1879. Unfortunately the baby died after 11 days.

US Gymnast Shawn Johnson Weight Gain and Fat Photo

Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson is seen at the Visa Chamnpionhip in Dallas17-year-old American Gymnast Shawn Johnson seems to look so much different than the time she was in the Beijing Olympics. She unfortunately managed to pack in a few extra pounds in a short period of time that you could possibly not recognize her from the slim one she once was.

Shawn Johnson stands 4 feet and 9 inches, or 145 centimeters tall, so maybe her height or lack of it makes her look fat.

She was also in Dancing with the Stars and actually won the reality competition, but that didn't help her maintain her lovely figure.

Shawn Johnson won the 2008 Teen Choice Award for best female athlete - this was the first time a gymnast was nominated for this award. She also came in fifth in the list of 2008 Female Athlete of the year by Associated Press.

Facebook's IP Address

To those who are curious about Facebook's IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) for whatever reason, it's - however the last 2 of the 4 sets of numbers is dynamic depending on where you are.

If you want to learn how to find out Facebook's IP Address yourself, or find out any other website's IP Address, simply click on start, program files, accessories, then command prompt (on your Windows PC) then simply type in: "ping" - without the quotes and replace the underscores with the website's name, and there you have it.

Susan Boyle Wild Horses Video | America's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent runner up Susan Boyle sang to an American audience this time with her performance of the Rolling Stones hit "Wild Horses" during the last episode of the Season 4 of America's Got Talent. Her performance was just spectacular and we are sure to see a lot more of Susan Boyle in the not-so-distant future. Watch Susan Boyle below.

Susan Boyle Wild Horses Video:

Jennifer Hromadka Myspace

Jennifer Hromadka & Raymond Clark IIIJennifer Hromadka is the fiancée of Raymond Clark III. Here is a photo of the couple in Jennifer Hromadka's Myspace page. Ray Clark is a lab technician where Yale doctoral student Annie Le was found dead, making him not a suspect to the crime but only a 'person of interest'.

When Jennifer Hromadka heard about rumors of her fiancé Raymond Clark cheating on her, she wrote this down on her Myspace:

"My boyfriend, Ray, if you don't know him, has no interest in any of the other girls at YARC as anything more than friends.

"This rumor of a 'fling' is probably the most stupid thing i have ever heard and really is not even worth going into detail about.

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean!!"

Hromadka's Myspace page has already been deleted, possibly by Hromadka herself because of the media frenzy that her lover is in right now.

Shakira on America's Got Talent VIDEO

After all these years, Shakira is still nothing less than amazing. She recently performed "She Wolf" in the season 4 finale episode of America's Got Talent. By the way, Kevin Skinner was declared the winner of this season. Aside from Shakira, other performers include Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle, but it was Shakira who stood out the most. Watch her performance below.

Shakira on America's Got Talent:

Capital One Online Banking

Capital One LogoCapital One is one of the most reliable and profitable online banking institutions around. Their current savings interest rates are around 1% - 1.6%, which is reasonably high, considering the contemporary national economic situation. Auto loan and personal loan rates are around 4.8%.

Through the Capital One website, you can also check if you're pre-qualified to apply for one. There is also an option to compare all credit cards they offer. You can open an account online through their website. If you have an account with capital one, you're guaranteed the most secure Online Banking.

Play iCarly Games Online

The Nickelodeon TV series iCarly aren't just only for your viewing no longer, you can now Play iCarly Games Online with your web browser. These games are actually flash-based, and most of them can really get you hooked. You can play them over at Nickelodeon's website.

There are currently 15 iCarly games for you too play: iLook-A-Like, Skit Scavenger, iBreak Thru, Pak Rat, Stack 'n' Stash, Cafeteria Recylo-rama, iKissed Him First, iGo Nuclear, iSushi Madness, Stuff Shuffle, Get Zeebo, iDream in Toons, Webisode Wardrobe, Puppet Showdown and iKick Butt. They are categorized as action, funny, card, puzzle, sports, strategy, etc.

Too bad we still can't watch iCarly Full Episodes Online legally, lets just hope Nick makes them available soon.

Linda McMahon For Senator?

WWE Monday Night Raw In Las VegasLinda McMahon - the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment has just announced that she intends to run in the U.S. Senatorial race in next year's elections as the Republican candidate for the state of Connecticut. She will be running against Democrat and incumbent U.S. senator Christopher Dodd.

Linda McMahon will resign as the WWE CEO and the one who will catch the throne will be none other than his loving husband and WWE co-founder, Vince McMahon.

She has been CEO of WWE since 1997 and has made generous donations both to Republicans and Democrats since 1990.

Looks like we'll have another WWE Superstar in a political office soon.

Big Brother 11 Winner: Jordan Lloyd

Big Brother 11 Winner: Jordan LloydBig Brother 11 finally came to its end, and the winner is none other than the 22-year-old "naive and laid back" waitress Jordan Lloyd, from Matthews, North Carolina. She is the first female Big Brother winner in four years - the last one was Maggie Ausburn from BB6 back in 2005.

Jordan Lloyd was neck and neck against Kevin Campbell for the last Head of Household competition, they even had a tie but Jordan finally won a score of 5 to 2 for the tiebreaker.

As Big Brother 11 Winner, Jordan Lloyd $500,000 cash prize.

Jeff Schroeder was declared America's Favorite Houseguest and was awarded $25,000.

Kanye West Apologizes on Jay Leno

Kanye West on Jay LenoKanye West looked contrite on his interview with Jay Leno about his foolishness during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. He said even during the act, he already knew that what he was doing was wrong.

Jay Leno also asked Kanye West what his late mother would have thought about it if she was still alive - this was followed by a long silence. Kanye West said he will apologize to Taylor Swift in person soon.

Simona Halep Breast Reduction

Simona Halep Breast ReductionSimona Halep is a lesser known Romanian tennis player born in 1991. She plays in the 2009 ITF Women's Circuit and won in last year's French Open in the Junior division. She currently ranks number 232 in the world for the singles and has yet to earn a career title.

What's interesting about her is that, to improve her skills in the tennis court, Simona Halep decided to have a breast reduction surgery simply because they were too big for her, and she thought they have to be reduced so she can be as agile as she can. I'm sure a lot of "fans" are eager for her next appearance inside (and outside) the court.

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance Video

Janet Jackson's opening performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was amazing. She performed "Scream" with Michael Jackson in the screen behind her. The background dancers were dancing to the beat of "Thriller" and "Bad". This could possibly be the best Michael Jackson Tribute ever made. Watch the Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance Video below.

Janet Jackson MTV VMA:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Riddler Challenges Walkthrough

Batman: Arkham Asylum is an awesome game released for PS3, Xbox 360, and just today, on Microsoft Windows PC. Puzzles of game could prove a bit tough to crack for some gamers, so here's a video of the Riddler Challenges Walkthrough, to find those Riddler Trophies.

Batman Arkham Asylum Riddle Guide: